Inquire Within

The Viewbook with a Difference

Frustrated by a signature piece that made the college “look like everyone else,” Reed admission dean Paul Marthers sought to target his core audience: highly intellectual students. We let Reed tell its own story, crafting a narrative from interviews with students, faculty, and alumni—and making it clear from page one that “Reed’s not for everyone.”

Shari Chapman’s design, Edis Jurcys’ photography, and a distinctive size and paper augmented the words and accentuated the message. “Terrific work all around!” Marthers proclaimed. Faculty dean Peter Steinberger added. “The overall effect is outstanding. To my mind, the book manages to be largely free of ‘dorkiness,’ yet nonetheless captures and communicates the wonders and uniqueness of Reed. It manages to be enthusiastic -- even whiz-bang -- and yet, at the same time, genuinely and appropriately dignified; no easy trick, and very different from our earlier viewbooks. "



Reed's new viewbook