Integrity, Reporting, and the Public

The George Polk Awards

Long Island University almost ended the coveted George Polk Awards three decades ago. The awards were in a two-year hiatus when LIU humanities dean Robert Spector invited Edward Hershey to join a committee of alumni and faculty to resume the program. “Ed serves two roles,” Spector says. “He brings a newsman’s eye to judging and a public relations perspective to enhancing the Polks.

"During deliberations, he always seeks to value individual initiative and unassailable integrity under difficult circumstances. Those standards paid off twice when stories that won a Pulitzer Prize—but were passed over for the Polk Award—were exposed as fabrications. Nobody is more responsible for the success of the George Polk Awards than Ed Hershey.”

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Hershey's own appreciation of the awards “A History of Journalistic Integrity, Superb Reporting and Protecting the Public” is on the George Polk Awards web site.